ARTIGO unites the young and elderly in Bilbao

jeudi, 03 octobre 2013 10:35

Comfortable, sustainable and flexible, the BKK Sarriko Centre is an excellent example of a social building.

It combines two different functions: a retirement home for the elderly and apartments for young people and highly qualified university researchers, either teaching or carrying out studies at the research centres at Bizkaia (BKK Talent Program).

This proved to be quite a challenge when considering the design of the building, which had to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of different lifestyles and also be able to evolve in time, in case of different use destinations.

The complex covers a total area of approximately 20,000mand plays a role in the regeneration of this area of Bilbao, which began with the construction of the new music conservatory and the underground station.

The Sarriko Centre has opened in January 2013 and has been certified in accordance with the LEED System, as requested by the investors.

All of the choices were taken with the aim to obtain the certification, starting with the high efficiency lighting, heating and cooling systems and finishing with the rubber flooring solutions by ARTIGO, ecologic and highly performing.

Thanks to a minimalistic and thus very elegant style, ARTIGO’s Multifloor UNI 3mm flooring proved to be the best solution.

Destined to cover a total area of 11,000min, was requested by the architects in three colours: the classic ‘greige’ U54 - selected from the catalogue - and two hybrid greens (U97 and U98), custom made on the base of NCS references.

ARTIGO prides itself on its ability to reproduce a wide variety of unique colours, allowing architects the greatest freedom to achieve their ideas.

The 3mm thickness of the flooring offers a high level of comfort and an excellent reduction in impact noise, features which are particularly important in a building such as the BKK Sarriko Centre.

Furthermore, UNI is certified with the environmental Blue Angel label and its characteristics meet the requirements of both the AgBB German regulations and the California Section 01350, as far as the emission of low volatile organic compounds (VOC) is concerned.

Inthe “perfect world” socialbuilding, the floors ARTIGO are the base for the perfect coexistence of young and old, designers and clients...

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